Assholes: Even Puny Sandy Relief Bill Too Much for Keith Rothfus and Scott Perry

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Tim McNulty says the first big vote in the House for newly-elected Keith Rothfus and Scott Perry was to deny critical assistance to the thousands of families whose livelihoods were devastated by Hurricane Sandy:

New Pittsburgh-area congressman Keith Rothfus made his first big vote today — voting against $9.7 billion in Hurricane Sandy flood insurance relief. In the 18-member Pa congressional delegation only he and fellow freshman Scott Perry (R-York) voted against the measure, while fellow GOPers such as Tim Murphy, Mike Kelly and Bill Shuster voted in favor.

The relief bill passed 354-67 with all the nays coming from Republicans and goes next to the Senate. Another, much larger ($51B) relief measure will come up Jan. 15.

We’ll post Rothfus’s reasoning if we get it, but it’s worth noting his last government job was working on Hurricane Katrina relief in the George W. Bush administration.

The conservative group Club For Growth — once led by Rothfus mentor Pat Toomey — urged the House today to vote the package down.

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10 Responses to Assholes: Even Puny Sandy Relief Bill Too Much for Keith Rothfus and Scott Perry

  1. Rock Jock PA says:

    Gee, we’re only $16.9 trillion in debt, what’s another $9.7 billion to borrow from China???
    It sounds like Mr. Rothfus made a pretty reasonable decision, instead of just piling more debt onto the backs of our children and grandchildren.

    It is time to stop spending money we don’t have, this is just a good start.

    • Jon says:

      That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Not rebuilding the infrastructure of the country’s most productive economic region to save a tiny fraction of US GDP is false economy. If the Bos-Wash economy isn’t running at full tilt, the country’s budget is in trouble. That’s got to be the top priority.

  2. Bob Howard says:

    The flood insurance program is another Federal program crying out for reform. Even before this vote the insurance program’s debt ceiling was over $20 billion. With the $9.7 billion vote the debt ceiling is now over $30 billion. We need Congressmen with the guts to vote NO until these programs are reformed. In this particular case we need reforms that will stop subsides to people and real estate companies building housing on flood plains. This language could easily be inserted in this bill. Why was it not inserted? While as the Congressman states the existing claims need to be paid, we must have Congressman willing to vote NO until the bill includes the necessary reforms to make this program solvent. For example why are we asking the widow in the Hill District and the next generation to subsidize the multi-millionaire’s beech home on the Jersey shore? If we continue to base public policy on emotional responses America will end up with no growth and fewer opportunities for the next generation. Is that the America we want?

  3. Gordon Tomb says:

    Keith and Scott are men of courage. Giving away money we do not have is an action of the pusillanimous and corrupt.

  4. John M says:

    The bill needed to be flushed of all the pork that was jammed on top of the relief funds. Congress just balloon these bills as a matter of course now…at some point there must be a stand for fiscal control. But everybody wants “theirs” and nothing changes. The No votes were not in opposition to relief funding, just a failed attempt at restraining the usual wish list negotiated in by many of the legistlators.

    • Jon says:

      That’s garbage. Even Chris Christie pointed out that this bill was about as clean as it gets. The people who voted against this bill are monsters with no empathy.

  5. sprat says:

    hey dill weed, Watch your language! I dont agree with Representative Pelosi on much, but i dont call her foul mouthed words. A fool is foolish when they open thier mouth and speak trash that litters and others have to pick up; Guess i will take out the trash! I support Representative Rothfus. Im sorry if your blood pressure is up or a person makes you angry just by thier ideals, perhaps you should take up jogging and eat better so you are not such an angry white man. Bi Polar? Mental problems–No gun for you! I thought all you libs hated angry white men…

    • Jon says:

      Sorry, if you vote against providing aid to Hurricane victims because you have some mealy-mouthed objection to the budget process issues, you’re an asshole. Full stop.

  6. desmo says:

    As a moderate Conservative, I have to agree with Jon on this. Rothfus is an embarrasment to his district. The flood insurance bill had ZERO pork in it. It was only ONE page long. Pork was not the reason for him voting against it. Holding the country hostage to his absurd “convictions” was. He is an ASSHOLE!