Camden City Council Moves Forward With Police Regionalization

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Not sure who is reading this blog and caring about this, but for the sake of consistency, here is the latest update on the move to replace the Camden city police force with a County police force – something PA Counties really should do but don’t:

Camden City Council today approved a plan to lay off all of the city’s uniformed police officers in a decisive step toward the creation of a new county-run police force.

The move got a surprise yes vote even from Brian Coleman, the only council member who has staunchly opposed the plan. In an interview later, however, Coleman said he intended to vote no but was confused by the roll call, and voted the way he did because he believed he was approving opening up the floor to public comment. He said he would seek to change his vote in the records.

The special meeting was scheduled after the state Civil Service Commission last week approved of the city’s layoff plan.

Council’s approval of the plan allows the city to move forward with sending out layoff notices to the around 260 officers in the department. The city will then be patrolled by the metro division of the planned county force.

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