Corbett Losing Control of the Narrative on NCAA Suit

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Keegan Gibson downgrades the PoliticsPA view of Tom Corbett’s NCAA lawsuit from “takes PSU drivers seat” to “unforced error”:

Our first reaction to the Governor’s decision to sue the NCAA over Penn State sanction was that it was an interesting move and could throw off incoming Attorney General Kathleen Kane. But other observers were far less complimentary. A stream of them have decried the move as an attempt to politicize the situation. Given the fact that Sandusky and PSU have been nothing but toxic for Corbett for over a year, this is starting to look more and more like an unforced error. Editorial boards from the New York Times to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review are sounding off.

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2 Responses to Corbett Losing Control of the Narrative on NCAA Suit

  1. Corbett, you just…have to close your eyes.

  2. Ed H. says:

    What does the lawsuit say? “I, as Attorney General, and along with PSU staff, mishandled the investigation and allowed a predator to remain free to prey on children while I made moves to run for Governor, and now a whole town, businesses, respected university and my political career are in jeopardy, so I’m suing to do damage control.”