How the NCAA Suit Could Backfire on Tom Corbett

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The trouble with the idea that Tom Corbett will benefit politically from the NCAA suit is that the suit won’t happen in a political vacuum.

The move looks political, like a desperate move to distract from Kathleen Kane’s investigation of Corbett’s slow-rolling the Sandusky investigation, and two political challengers now have a strong interest in persuading voters to see it that way.

It’s not just on party lines either. Keegan Gibson says Bruce Castor and John Hanger are both singing the same tune:

Both Hanger and Castor criticized the Governor for proceeding with the suit without consulting Attorney General-elect Kathleen Kane, who will be sworn in on January 15.

“The delay in acting in the first instance, and the rush to get in under the wire before an elected, independent Attorney General takes office in the second, smacks of political gamesmanship and ‘too little too late,’” Castor said.

The way this is probably going to shake out is that all Democrats will end up viewing the NCAA suit through a partisan lens, and a substantial number of Republicans who are disappointed in Corbett will find Bruce Castor persuasive making the same point.

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3 Responses to How the NCAA Suit Could Backfire on Tom Corbett

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  2. electedface says:

    As Attorney General, Tom Corbett received over $647,000 in campaign contributions from members of the Second Mile Foundation, while only assigning one investigator to the case.

    Meanwhile, at the same time, he assigned 14 investigators to Bill Deweese, who spent more than 5 years trying to get him.

    It is difficult to believe these campaign contributions did not improperly influence his decision to not file charges against Jerry Sandusky.

    The state police trooper who initially handled the Clinton County case against Jerry Sandusky believed there was enough evidence from a teenage boy — now known as Victim One– to charge Sandusky with indecent assault.

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