Joe Brennan’s Still Working for the House Democrats

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Wife-choking drunk Joe Brennan will be eligible for work-release next month to go back to working for House Democrats as a research analyst.

Colin McEvoy makes the Democrats look appropriately terrible, sandwiching Bill Patton’s comments between descriptions of Brennan’s crimes:

Brennan abandoned his bid for re-election to the 133rd District seat after his August arrest. His blood-alcohol level was 0.22, nearly three times the state’s legal limit.

In November, it was announced he would go to work as a research analyst with the the House Democratic caucus’ Legislative Policy and Research Office, thus remaining on the House payroll and keeping his state health benefits and pension.

Bill Patton, a spokesman for the House Democratic caucus, said Brennan remains employed as a research analyst, but is currently on leave without pay or benefits.

“Whether his status will change has not been determined,” Patton said.

Authorities say Brennan assaulted his wife outside their Fountain Hill home Aug. 15 and then drove away. Police said he grabbed her by the neck, choked her with both hands, slapped and punched her in the face and wrestled her to the ground on their front porch.

I don’t think there’s very strong evidence that extra long sentences provide extra deterrence. But obviously there are some really dangerous people out there who we’re better off keeping locked away so they don’t hurt others. I don’t know if Joe Brennan’s in that category. He’s not a murderer or a career criminal or anything, but clearly he can be a violent asshole when he’s drinking, and that’s put his family in danger. You can’t just send him back to live with them.

This is also an embarrassing unforced political error on the part of the Democrats. Triage is the appropriate response here. Brennan’s not going to be running for higher office, especially after this. He was just a back-bench House member. He’s not going anywhere, and the party doesn’t owe him anything. Why are they bailing him out?

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