LV’s Worst Democrats to Endorse Bob Donchez for Bethlehem Mayor

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Interesting style contrast with Willie Reynolds’s announcement in front of his own house. Donchez will be endorsed by two other Democrats who badly need primary challengers :

Bethlehem Councilman Robert Donchez will formally announce his mayoral bid Saturday, his campaign announced today.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli and state Sen. Lisa Boscola are listed as the hosts of the event, which will take place at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Hotel Bethlehem.

The only person missing from this line-up is Joe Brennan.

(Thanks: Lynn Olanoff)

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4 Responses to LV’s Worst Democrats to Endorse Bob Donchez for Bethlehem Mayor

  1. tyler drake says:

    um, the first reference is just a link to your own blog where you claim jm is wrong because you disagree with him and accuse him of being a racist. because it is totally unsupported, the polemical title of this thing comes off as being nutty, and it turns away anyone who doesn’t already agree with your judgments. maybe if you want to write something convincing, you should try to understand the point of view of someone who disagrees with you…

    • Jon says:

      John Morganelli was caught saying the following to a Tea Party organization about the “tidal wave” of “illegal aliens”:

      Morganelli incited the crowd with accusations of “a number of sexual assaults by illegal aliens. They should not be here. … No one wants to do what has to be done.”

      Go read the rest of the post. There are strong racist overtones that nobody who calls himself a Democrat should be using. This is nutty tea people stuff.

      • tyler drake says:

        haha rather than a broken link you now cite as evidence an article with all the inflammatory stuff outside the quotes.

  2. Jon says:

    Democrats don’t say” illegal aliens”, nor do they think mass deportation is “what has to be done”. Why is Morganelli talking to a Tea People group anyway?