Michael Lamb Has Some Positions

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Hoisted from the comments:

Bram R says:
I wouldn’t say it’s true Lamb doesn’t have *any* positions. In an interview in 2007 with me he identified transparency and data-based decision making. He opposed the Mayor’s parking lease, which is taking a position against privatization (same as Peduto and everyone in town BUT Ravenstahl). And occasionally, for brief instances, if you’re paying attention, he recommends taking a harder line with certain unions. But that’s not in the same ballpark with what Peduto has done with his progressive brand, and what a Council representative HAS to do in voting aye or nay all the time.

Opposing the parking lease is a real position for sure, and a good one. A narrower version of the point I was trying to make is that Lamb doesn’t seem to have taken any positions so far that would attract interest group support.

I forget where I heard this expression, but it goes something like “it isn’t what you say about your positions, it’s what your positions say about you.” Which positions you take sends a message to different interest groups, and if they like what your positions say about how you’ll vote, then maybe they’ll back you. Being for transparency and evidence-based policymaking are issues that will endear you to newspaper editorial boards, but probably not any particular subset of political actors.

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