NCAA Suit Not Helping Corbett

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PPP polls the NCAA lawsuit and finds that it’s popular, but has almost no effect on Tom Corbett’s sad little poll numbers. With just 52% of voters supporting the suit, it would seem that opinions are predictably divided along party lines:

52% of voters support Corbett’s lawsuit against the NCAA over its sanctions against Penn State, while 34% are opposed to it. That’s a reflection of the fact that 62% of Pennsylvanians think the sanctions against the school were too strict, compared to only 27% who think they were ‘about right’ and 8% who think they were too lenient. 49% of voters in the state consider themselves to be fans of the Nittany Lions, and among those folks there’s 63/23 support for the lawsuit. The 51% of voters who don’t identify as Penn State fans are opposed to the suit by a 45/41 spread.

Despite the support for Corbett on the lawsuit, voters are still unhappy with his overall handling of the Penn State situation over the last few years. Only 27% approve of the way he’s dealt with it to 50% who disapprove. That’s contributing to overall approval numbers that continue to be very poor- only 38% of voters are happy with the job he’s doing to 52% who disapprove. That -14 net approval ties him for the 4th most unpopular sitting Governor PPP has polled on.

Of course I am not above pointing out that yr boy totally called this result: lawsuit narrowly popular driven by support from Penn Staters, but no complementary political boost for Corbett.

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One Response to NCAA Suit Not Helping Corbett

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Just like Tom Corbett has forgotten those adversely affected by his economic policies, like gutting public education funding in favor of the for-profit education industry that paid for access, he’s forgotten the rape victims of Jerry Sandusky and PSU’s complicity in covering the whole thing up.