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A Great Morning for Bruce Castor

Quinnipiac finds Tom Corbett’s political base has disappeared. Republicans may need Bruce Castor to have a shot at holding the office: There is a large gender gap in today’s results, as women disapprove 45 – 31 percent while men approve … More after the jump

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Where Bob Donchez Comes Up Short as a Political Leader

(Cross-posted from the Geeting blog as part of our Munipocalypse 2013! coverage) One would think that with as much experience as Bob Donchez has he would have some big accomplishments to point to, but what was really remarkable about his announcement … More after the jump

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The Case for a Philly Gentrification Dividend

Christopher Sawyer asks if it’s ok for neighbors to extort developers for money: Naturally, the upset neighbors on Rodman Street behind this lot appealed to Common Pleas court, where many other contentious zoning issues wind up. Earlier this month, Common Pleas … More after the jump

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Thousands of Tiny Municipal Pensions a Huge Ripoff for PA Taxpayers

Via the new John Micek blog, a great article on the under-discussed problem of municipal pensions from Nick Malawskey. I’ve written about this issue before here, trying to get a conversation started on a progressive agenda for municipal pension reform. … More after the jump

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What the People Who Think Tom Corbett’s Not Conservative Enough Are Saying

Most readers of this blog have probably experienced the past few years of unified Republican control of state government as an all-out assault on liberal values – a merciless flood of daily indignities. But amusingly there are some people who … More after the jump

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Life Expectancy Going Down for Many Low-SES Groups

Here is why Social Security benefits should only grow and never be cut. Increasing life expectancy is often given as a reason for increasing the SS retirement age, but some groups who really rely on that stingy monthly check have … More after the jump

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Replace Inheritance Tax Exemption for Business Assets With Higher Inheritance Tax Rate

I don’t like that Melissa Daniels uses the Frank Luntz-coined pejorative “death tax” to refer to the inheritance tax in a straight news article. The term makes no sense. You’re not taxing the dead person, you’re taxing wealthy heirs. Anyway, there’s … More after the jump

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Which Senators Killed Filibuster Reform and Need a Primary?

Via Erik Loomis, here are the Democrats who helped Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid ruin the first two years of Obama’s last term. Maybe we’ll get real filibuster reform passed in 2015 if we primary enough of these people, but … More after the jump

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Don’t Just Muddle Through: Expand Transit and Lower Fares

Big props to Natalia Rudiak and Pittsburghers for Public Transit for pushing an important new position into the transportation funding debate. So far the statewide debate on transit funding has two main positions: 1. Raise enough money to fund existing routes at current fares, and … More after the jump

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End All Judicial Elections

Anthony Williams is right on with this push to end judicial elections for high office, but why not end all judicial elections? It seems to me that the really bad judicial elections are the smaller offices, where the electorate is especially tiny, … More after the jump

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