Tea Party Jester Running Unopposed for Lehigh County Executive

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This morning we learned the terrifying news that conservative entertainer Scott “Scrappleface” Ott will run unopposed for Lehigh County Executive. I’ve been covering the misadventures of the 2011 Lehigh Tea People slate all year, and Ott is basically their ringmaster.

If the Lehigh County Democrats can’t recruit a candidate to run against this chucklehead, this becomes a state Party issue. State Democrats need to recruit a mid-tier candidate to run for this seat, and fast. We’re talking about the county that governs PA’s third largest city here. This is a huge deal.

Apologies to Bernie O’Hare for stealing too much of his blog post, but clearly this is an emergency situation. Here he is with a list of the Scrappleface greatest hits:

The Liberal Conspiracy of Black Genocide by Abortion

1. “Conservatives also love people of all kinds, and we despise the intrauterine genocide now waged against our dark skinned brothers and sisters by liberals who demand civil rights but only for those who escape the abortionist who lives on the payroll of liberal politicians”. Townhall.com February 15, 2008

2. Ott questions why blacks were loyal to Democrats given the party’s promotion of “genocide” for black babies saying abortion does not, “just decimate the black population, for that means killing only 1-in-10. The Democrat party actively, passionately pushes policies that target the race for genocide, with white “physicians” slaughtering a full 50 percent of black infants before they ever draw breath”. Townhall.com May 4, 2008

3. “However, the ethnic cleansing continues to this day, with black and Hispanic babies aborted in numbers all out of proportion to their representation in the general population. They fall victim to knives wield by inevitably white abortionists”. Townhall.com July 9, 2009

4. Lehigh County Commissioner Scott Ott, a Republican, said in New York City, “something like six out of 10 black babies are aborted, four out of 10 Latino babies are aborted and two out of 10 white babies are aborted.” Adding the majority of abortion doctors in the United States are white, Ott said: “If you looked at that with any kind of a dispassionate data analysis, you’d wonder whether there was some kind of a genocide campaign going on to eliminate black and Latino babies from the population.” WFMZ.com September 17, 2012

5. Ott drew a few gasps from the audience when he called Planned Parenthood “the country’s major abortion retailer,” adding: “I’m not kidding, that’s the business they’re in.” WFMZ.com September 17, 2012

There Goes Meals on Wheels

Ott on the use of Federal tax dollars returned to Lehigh County to be used to cover the cost of infrastructure improvements and to help fund Meals on Wheels:

a) “The federal government is sending us money to do things that are of no national importance,” said Commissioner Scott Ott. WFMZ.com June 28, 2012

b) “The Chinese communist government is fronting us money to feed 85 year-old elderly women in Lehigh County,” he said. “It’s not sustainable. It’s not right. It’s not morally acceptable to do that.” The Morning Call July 12, 2012

Forget Social Security and Medicare

a) “Conservatives cut taxes and so-called entitlement programs” Townhall.com February 15, 2008

b) “My entitlement reform proposal is this: If you‘re an American citizen your entitlements are outlined in the Constitution. Nothing else is guaranteed”. “Cap program benefits at their current levels. Don’t even allow cost of living increases” Townhall.com October 8, 2008

c) “Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are actually elaborate Ponzi schemes”. Examiner March 30, 2009

d) “If only it (Social Security) were a Ponzi scheme, It’s actually much worse”. Facebook September 13, 2012

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One Response to Tea Party Jester Running Unopposed for Lehigh County Executive

  1. Kate says:

    I am shock! what is wrong here? We need to find a candidate and NOW! this cannot happen, just what we need more tea-baggers! I cannot believe there is NO ONE to run? please find someone! and I am not even a resident of Lehigh County! I just know the damage the tea party has done to the rest of the country , Democrats need to get together and mobilize and find someone to run there!