The Salesmanship Canard

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Lots of Republicans have been comforting themselves with the idea that Tom Corbett is maybe just really unpopular because he hasn’t been out there selling his “accomplishments” to the voters. But Kevin Harley is getting this one right:

Spokesman Kevin Harley disputed the premise that the Governor has not been an active salesman, noting that he conducted 160, “media events, news conferences, speeches or other events where the media is invited and he takes and answers their questions.”

“By comparison, in Rendell’s second year he held 134 such media events,” he said. That’s on top of 163 one on one interviews, Harley said, and thousands of press releases and social media updates.

The Cor-bot has been out there selling his agenda hard. People know what he’s accomplished so far, and the problem for Corbett is that they hate it. The problem is that the policy agenda is unpopular. A news blitz designed to highlight that unpopular policy agenda is only likely to make things worse on the Governor and his party. To get popular you have to do stuff people like.

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