Where’s Bob Casey on Filibuster Reform?

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We heard some positive comments from Bob Casey back in November, when he indicated his support for the “talking filibuster” and ending the filibuster on motions to proceed.

We should probably make sure and ask him to reconfirm now that the vote is coming up and Democrats might have to win ugly with a 51-49 vote. Here is his office number (202) 224-6324 and here is his contact page.

This is the most important issue of President Obama’s second term! It is the difference between winning progressive laws on climate change, immigration and gun safety through the Senate, or losing them when we can only get a regular majority of 51, instead of a supermajority of 60.

Also, Pat Toomey should support filibuster reform, since there’s no way there’ll ever be 60 votes for some of the nuttier stuff he’d like to pass in the Senate. All his favorite ideas would have to get through with 51 votes.

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