Why Won’t the House GOP Bring Up the Violence Against Women Act for a Vote?

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The prospect of tribal courts prosecuting white dudes who rape Native American women was just a little too much justice for House Republicans:

Here’s the sad truth: It is not all surprising that House Republicans have blocked the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) a final time, officially allowing it to expire until the next Congress. This is the first time since the VAWA was first passed in 1994 that it has failed to be re-authorized. The VAWA is normally a bipartisan bill that passes without controversy.

But not under these House Republicans. Given their track record for doing nothing productive for the American people they were elected to represent, it’s not surprising they would throw victims of domestic violence and sexual assault under the bus because they want to ensure no assistance is given to Native Americans, LGBT folks, and immigrants. Rep. Eric Cantor and his ilk are literally blocking the re-authorization because the updated bill expands access to help to certain types of people Republicans don’t want to help.

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10 Responses to Why Won’t the House GOP Bring Up the Violence Against Women Act for a Vote?

  1. Brian S says:

    Violence Against Women Act funding has become a cesspool of fraud, waste, fiscal abuse, duplication of services and is jammed with highly controversial provisions that are completely necessary. The organizations that receive this funding are diverting the money for their own political and financial gain. The Republicans simply want to do the right thing and get more transparency, fiscal accountability and close VAWA immigration loopholes to prevent scammers and terrorists from entering the country. The special interest groups fought against the anti fraud measures in the House bill which is absolute proof that the money is being diverted to scammers and special interests and not to the real victims.

    • Jon says:

      You’re a monster

      • Bob T says:

        And you’re a moron. See, it’s easy to call people names because they disagree with you.

        You just side stepped the point he made. If the bill was fraudulent and have provisions added onto it that are not actually going to help women then what is the point of passing this bill? It makes this iteration of it worthless. It needs to go back to the drawing board.

      • Brian says:

        John: You obviously don’t have an logical mind and make no sense by making these kind of one liners.

        • Jon says:

          Look, if you are honestly convinced that the Republican Party’s reasons for not extending the VAWA to Native Americans and LGBT individuals are sound, then you need to rethink your life up to this point. You’re not a good person.

  2. Kevin Braend says:


    About a month ago a friend of mine was shot in the leg twice by his wife with a 22 hand gun. His wife came home drunk from the bar and demanded more money. When he refused she went to the bedroom and loaded a revolver and shot him. We called 12 organizations that the police gave us to assist. We were told point blank that the services are for woman only. Gee, i thought that goverment funded agencies we not suppose to discriminate.
    But alas, do not worry, the woman recieve the full services of the local shelter. She recieves free legal aid. She gets the couples savings account, custody of the children and all the services that the local shelter can provide.
    I think it is high time we start to fund organizations that give services to white people only. Since our elected officials believe that discrimination is acceptable on sex, why not race also.


  3. Daddy Justice fan says:

    PA’s own Daddy Justice is showing VAWA’s true colors. Go online to for some fine videos on how evil VAWA is. We’ve definitely got one friend in PA.