Lowest-Hanging Fruit of Alcohol Reform Goes Unplucked in Corbett Plan

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Why does Tom Corbett want to retain the police-enforced in-state monopoly on alcohol sales? Opening up the state to trade should’ve been the first item on his list. Letting people order booze online legally is the obvious solution to fears of diminished selection in rural areas.

Hoisted from the comments:

Jarrod Stanton: I would like to see some change as to the ability to ship alcohol to PA. Right now it is 100% illegal in every way to ship alcohol to residences in PA(please correct me if I’m wrong), since there is no way to collect the taxes on it from out of state (other than the seller collecting the taxes = nightmare). Any of the current websites that allow shipments to PA are breaking the law simply by having the license to ship using UPS or FedEx who frankly don’t care if they are shipping alcohol as long as someone 21+ is signing for it. There are many great wineries, distilleries, and breweries to be experienced throughout this great nation and PA will not be able to experience them as fully as they should! How do the other states do it?

Lew Bryson: I’d like to add in “Bad Stuff” that it doesn’t end the in-state monopoly; nothing was said about allowing Pennsylvanians to bring home a bottle from out-of-state. Lots of us live very close to the border here in SE PA; lots of us work in NJ, DE, and MD. What is the reason to prevent us — under threat of police seizure — from buying in stores there? That’s real competition…and it’s insulting to prevent it.

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