The Sequester Is the Republicans’ Fault

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Everybody’s going to hate it when the sequester cuts 700,000 jobs next week, so Republicans are, understandably, trying to win the blame game.

The problem for them is that it’s completely their fault.

Think back to why we have the sequester. The sequester cuts were supposed to kick in only if the Supercommittee negotiations failed.

Think back to why the Supercommittee negotiations failed. It failed because Republicans were negotiating in bad faith, with Pat Toomey trying to pretend a huge regressive tax cut was a deficit reduction plan.

Think back to why we did the Supercommittee. The Supercommittee was the price Republicans demanded in exchange for raising the statutory debt ceiling.

The fake debt ceiling crisis of 2011 was the origin of this whole thing. If Republicans hadn’t held the debt ceiling hostage for policy concessions for the first time ever (“Boehner Rule”) then there would be no sequester cuts coming next week.

It’s the Republicans’ fault.

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