Matt Cartwright Introduces Bill to Close Halliburton Loophole for Fracking

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Primarying Tim Holden has proven to be a very good idea. Matt Cartwright is absolutely killing it in Washington.

Susan Phillips reports that Cartwright is fulfilling a campaign promise to close the Halliburton loophole, and regulate fracking under the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act:

Pennsylvania Representative Matthew Cartwright (D-17) has introduced legislation to remove oil and gas industry exemptions from the federal Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Cartwright is from Scranton, and his district stretches over six counties including Schuylkill, Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, and Northampton County.

The “FRESHER” Act would remove federal regulatory exemptions related to storm water run-off at drill sites. And the “BREATHE” Act would require air emissions generated by the oil and gas industry be subject to federal aggregation regulations.

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