PA Seeks New DEP Secretary. $10/Hr, Part-time. Free ‘Chesapeake Energy’ Hat!

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Why stop there? Why not just make it a volunteer position?

When the resignation of Pennsylvania’s Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Krancer was announced last week, critics were quick to question the qualifications of his interim replacement, Chris Abruzzo.

The most damning criticism came from former DEP Secretary John Hanger. In a press release, Hanger said that Abruzzo “has absolutely no environmental background and is completely unqualified for the position.”

Hanger noted, “He is currently a deputy chief of staff in the governor’s office and before that he served in the Attorney General’s office supervising the Drug Strike Force section.”

Hanger is also running a campaign to be Corbett’s Democratic opponent for Governor, but his assessment of the Abruzzo appointment gains weight when it’s compared to Corbett’s other recent interim appointments.

Read John Hanger’s statement here.

(via Donald Gilliland)

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One Response to PA Seeks New DEP Secretary. $10/Hr, Part-time. Free ‘Chesapeake Energy’ Hat!

  1. Karel Minor says:

    Corbett is the King of unqualified appointmens. He appointed a bank manager to run the Office of Dog Law Enforcement. That went well.