The Context for Tom Corbett’s Ultrasound Comments

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I see Tom Corbett’s once again defending his “just close your eyes” comment with the tried-and-true “out of context” defense. We’ve been over this before. Focusing on the broader context makes the comments look worse, not better:

Corbett is saying that you can’t literally force anybody look at the printout from the forced ultrasound you just gave them, even though the bill says the doctor has to note what the patient’s eyes were doing when shown the printout. He’s defending a narrow part of the bill – whether or not women should have to look at the printout from the forced ultrasound. But he apparently finds it uncontroversial that women should be forced to get the ultrasound in the first place, and doesn’t seem to understand why women would object to forced penetration by the state as long as they don’t have to look at the picture.

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