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Partisanship vs. Policy on Alcohol Reform

I agree with Randy LoBasso that liberalizing PA’s alcohol laws probably isn’t going to save Tom Corbett’s political career, but it’s still the most broadly popular issue position he’s got, and as I’ve been saying here it’s a key opportunity for Republicans to … More after the jump

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Luke Ravenstahl is Chairman of Jack Wagner Shadow Campaign Group

Tim McNulty updates his earlier story, confirming that Luke Ravenstahl is the chairman of the group that hired the Swiftboat firm to slime Bill Peduto. The Peduto campaign has been hammering on the message that Jack Wagner’s coalition = Ravenstahl’s coalition, … More after the jump

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Are Facade Improvements the Best Way to Raise Allentown Land Values?

A lot of the things cities do under the umbrella of “economic development” are really just different ways of trying to achieve one goal – raising land values. The higher the land values, the more people are going to want … More after the jump

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Jack Wagner Shadow Campaign Group Tied to Ravenstahl Ally

Tim McNulty updates us on who’s behind the Jack Wagner shadow campaign: The “Committee for a Better Pittsburgh” behind the ad is indeed the same one started in April 2011 by treasurer John R. Morgan, who has ties to Mayor … More after the jump

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Does Corbett Have Any Evidence to Support His Meth-head Theory of the Recession?

Like Keegan Gibson, I have to wonder what statistics persuaded Tom Corbett of his Meth-head Theory of the Recession: The biggest problem with that argument: the burden of proof on Corbett to demonstrate that rates of drug use and drug … More after the jump

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PA-15: Congressman Dent on His 2014 Race

Roll Call has a good article out today essentially on how awful Governor Corbett’s reelection prospects are. (Spoiler: They’re really bad.) But the main thrust of Roll Call’s post was how some GOP ‘operatives’ are getting more-and-more nervous about Corbett’s unpopularity … More after the jump

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Make Tax Abatements Revenue Neutral

By all accounts, Philadelphia’s 10-year tax abatement on property improvements has succeeded in spurring lots of new construction. The way it works is that people don’t pay the millage rate on improvements to property for 10 years, but they do … More after the jump

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Wingers Lose Their Minds Over Philly’s Historic LGBT Legislation

The most important thing about Philly’s sweeping new LGBT equality policies is that they’ll go a long way to help real people, and hopefully this will raise the bar higher for copycat legislation at the local level across the nation. … More after the jump

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PA GOP Operative: “The impending blowout of Corbett could cause severe Republican losses downballot”

Shira Toeplitz watches the PA GOP openly panicking about Tom Corbett’s negative coattails in the 2014 elections: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s tumble in the polls has made Republicans nervous about four pivotal Philadelphia-area House districts. Local GOP operatives fear this … More after the jump

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A Compromise Plan for Alcohol Reform

How about we don’t sell the state stores right away, but we do start letting supermarkets and beer distributors and convenience stores sell beer, wine and liquor in any quantity right away? We could commit to leaving the state stores … More after the jump

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