Comedian Carlos Mencia to Host Fundraiser for Rep. Lou Barletta

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APRIL 1ST – Keystone Politics has obtained a copy of a Spanish-language fundraising invitation sent by Republican Congressman Lou Barletta to Hispanic voters in the 11th District inviting them to an event the campaign has titled “¡Un Fiesta Mucho Comedico Con Su Mejor Amiga Lou Barletta!”

The event will feature Honduran-born stand-up comedian Carlos Mencia, the former host of Comedy Central’s sketch comedy series Mind of Mencia.

Congressman Lou Barletta, left, will be hosting a fundraiser with comedian Carlos Mencia, titled “¡Un Fiesta Mucho Comedico Con Su Mejor Amiga Lou Barletta!”

In an attempt to reach out to Hispanic voters in his district, Congressman Lou Barletta, left, will be hosting a fundraiser with comedian Carlos Mencia.

Recipients of the invitation were confused as to why Mencia would agree to help raise money for Barletta, who is known for his vow as Mayor of Hazleton to make the town “one of the toughest places in the United States” for immigrants.

Barletta campaign spokesman Lance Stange said that Mencia was invited to host the event as part of the GOP’s nationwide outreach plan to minority voters.

“If Hispanic Americans hear that Congressman Barletta doesn’t want them in the United States, they won’t even pay attention to his next sentence,” said Stange. “They’re tuning out the great things Lou says about abortion, assault rifles, and homosexuals.”

“We’re losing them at ‘I hate you,’” added Stange.

Thus, Stange explained, Barletta decided to have a fundraiser with Carlos Mencia in order to court the growing Hispanic vote in his district.

When reached for comment, Mencia said he had no reservations about helping an anti-immigrant Republican appeal to Spanish-speakers.

“I figured that because I’m so good at taking other comedian’s jokes and repackaging them with a Mexican accent, it wouldn’t be hard to do the exact same thing with Republican talking points,” explained Mencia.

Following Mencia’s main event, attendees will head to the Drifton Softball Complex where Barletta will compete in a “Derby de los Home Runs” against the Hispanic attendees. The invitation explained that if anyone hit more homers than Barletta, everyone would be treated to dinner at Chipotle.

Barletta, himself a former tryout for the Cincinnati Reds, said he’s hoping to come out on top.

“A lot of Hispanics are really good at baseball,” Barletta explained.

Those interested in attending Barletta’s fundraiser are encouraged to contact his Hazleton office at (570) 751-0050 and ask for tickets.

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