Josh Kruger: City Employees Compiling Donor Lists For Alan Butkovitz on the Clock

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More sources in the Controller’s office rat out Alan Butkovitz to Josh Kruger:

This list, generated by a city-paid Controller's Office employee, has names circled of potential donors contacted by the Butkovitz Campaign.This list, generated by a city-paid Controller’s Office employee during city business hours in the Controller’s Office, has names circled of potential donors contacted by the Butkovitz Campaign.

As you can see, this list, pulled from a local business and trade journal, has names circled. Now, this list seems completely innocuous; after all, circling names on lists like these is networking 101. What is not obvious by this picture, but later confirmed through sources and document properties saved with the original file, however, is that this list was generated by Christine DeRenzo Huber, the sister of the Register of Wills’ Deputy. “While on the clock for Alan at the Controller’s Office, she creates mailing list for Alan’s campaign,” writes one source close to the Controller. And, yesterday, photographs of Controller’s Office employees generating these lists and politicking openly in the office were furnished to this site, including this list worked on “for hours” by Christine DeRenzo Huber at the direction of Harvey Rice.  Rice, lover of political consultant and recipient of over a hundred thousand dollars from Butkovitz Marty O’Rourke, directed DeRenzo Huber to generate fundraising lists for the Friends of Alan Butkovitz political campaign in her capacity as a servant of the citizens of Philadelphia, according to several sources in the Controller’s Office.

According to Philadelphia Municipal Code § 10-107, “No officer or employee of the City and no officer or employee of any governmental agency whose compensation is paid from the City Treasury shall, from any person, and no officer or member of a committee of any political party or club shall, from any civil service employee, directly or indirectly demand, solicit, collect or receive, or be in any manner concerned in demanding, soliciting, collecting or receiving, any assessment, subscription or contribution, whether voluntary or involuntary, intended for any political purpose whatever.”

Basically, nobody is allowed to solicit or work toward fundraising solicitations while he or she is on the clock for the city. Nonetheless, Butkovitz  and Rice directed Controller’s Office employees to generate fundraising lists in this office during city working hours. Of course, many of these employees are completely unqualified to work in the Controller’s Office and, as such, are put in the “Fraud” unit instead of the “Auditing” unit because, really, who needs auditors in the City Controller’s Office?

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