Keystone Analytics: Wagner Leading Peduto 38-31

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Crappo poll result, but I’m not sweating it. Note that 26 percent are still undecided. It looks like Wagner grabbed some Lamb and Ferlo and Harris voters. Not so surprising – the Axis of Muck wouldn’t keep running the table on city elections if they didn’t have a large constituency. But the nice thing about a two person race is that it’ll be easier to turn this into a clear Past vs. Future choice election:

The poll of 400 likely Democratic voters was conducted Tuesday and Wednesday for Keystone Analytics, a Harrisburg marketing firm.  It had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent. The survey showed the former auditor general at 38 percent; Mr. Peduto at 31 percent; state Rep. Jake Wheatley, 4 percent and A.J. Richardson, 1 percent.  Another 26 percent were undecided to refused to answer.

(via James O’Toole)

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3 Responses to Keystone Analytics: Wagner Leading Peduto 38-31

  1. Nate says:

    You’re biased opinion is getting in the way of a real discussion.

    Sometimes you talk about why the media doesn’t give any credit to Pittsburgh leaders for why it is doing so well, but then you say that everyone but Bill Peduto is dirty and part of the old Democratic machine.

    Remember, Bill Peduto claims he is going to clean up Pittsburgh government, but his 2005 campaign manager was charged in the bonusgate for doing things like keeping state benefits while running Peduto’s campaign.

    There are also reports that Peduto had council staff members help work on his homework and research papers while attending post-graduate classes.

    • Jon says:

      I like Bill’s perspective on city and regional policy issues. I think he’s right about most things. If the Wagner folks want to put out a policy agenda, I’ll be happy to engage with it, but I have literally nothing to go off of from what the Wagner campaign’s put out so far.

  2. mfbinc says:

    Peduto studies gov’t. Goes overseas to see what does and doesn’t work for city gov’t then comes back to pittsburgh to push for changes that will move the city into the 21st century. jack wagner offers none of that. Peduto is the intelligent choice to move this city ahead to where it should be!