Thank Bob Casey For Voting With Us on Gun Safety

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Lots of anger out there today at the red state Democrats who sold us out on the gun safety bill, but let’s take a second to appreciate one guy who did not sell us out: Bob Casey.

Remember, this was not always guaranteed. Casey used to be very protective of his reputation with the NRA before the Sandy Hook tragedy, but then he changed his mind and got on the right side of this.

In a pre-Sandy Hook world he might’ve gone the other way, so we all need to give him some props. Call his office or send him an email, or write a letter to the Editor thanking him for voting the right way.

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5 Responses to Thank Bob Casey For Voting With Us on Gun Safety

  1. Chris baird says:

    Sir you are a traitor to the constitution which states the 2nd amendment will not be infringed upon. Thanks for nothing, scary to know men like you are in power. I will be voting against you in the next election. I will also tell everyone I know to vote you out of office. I now have to busy myself writing thank you letters to american patriot senators who support the rights of American citizens. Good day.

    • John says:

      Naaahh. I’m thanking Bob Casey.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Please save us from rightwingnuts who wear the American flag like a bathrobe and denounce all who disagree with their bugwit ideas as “traitors.”
      If you insist in hollering out inflammatory words a better choice might be “cowards” applicable to some of your so-called “patriots” who apparently care more about the gun lobby than standing with the parents of twenty first graders slaughtered up in Newtown.
      I will be happy to cancel out your vote in 2018.
      Matt Thomas

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  3. Tom Kubachka Jr. says:

    Thanks again Bob Casey, your vote on this issue shows changing views even with us responsible gun owners.