The Bull Case for the Working Families Party Taking Two Philly Council Seats in 2015

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In the comments, Joshua Vincent tells us that the Working Families Party has already won seats in Hartford, CT, where they also guarantee seats to a minority party:

Joshua Vincent says:

There’s no reason why it can’t happen. Hartford CT is similar to Philly in that there are guaranteed minority seats. Like Philly, The seats were left to a an atrophied GOP that had no place in the community, but were needed for deals and the like. The WFP got on it, and won the two seats:

At the November 6, 2007 election, two Working Families Party nominees for Hartford, Connecticut, city council, were elected. They are Luis E. Cotto and Larry Deutsch.

Hartford, like some other Connecticut and Pennsylvania cities and counties, as well as Washington, D.C., provides that for certain multi-winner elections, no political party may run a full slate. Hartford was electing nine city councilmembers (at large), but provides that no political party may run more than six nominees. At the November 2007 election in Hartford, 6 Democrats, 1 Republican, and 2 Working Families Party nominees were elected.

And Joe Dinkin from WFP stops by to confirm they ended up with 3 seats, and are indeed eyeing the Philly at-large seats in 2015:

You should know that in Hartford, in 2011, WFP finished the job, and won 3 seats on the Council, knocking off the last Republican. We’ve also elected members to the Boards of Education in Hartford and Bridgeport, under the same kinds of circumstances.

And Philly 2015? We’re totally interested. Stay tuned.

Let’s do this!

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3 Responses to The Bull Case for the Working Families Party Taking Two Philly Council Seats in 2015

  1. Ed H. says:

    There was talk that John Street was thinking of running for office as a third party candidate, to basically knock off either David Oh or Dennis O’Brien in the last city council elections in Philadelphia in 2011. I’m not sure why street stayed out, but it would have been I retesting to see the result.

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