“The Can of Justice”

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Of course, Mr. King was schooled in how things work in this town when it comes to running for a bench seat in the First Judicial District: The Horn and Hardart coffee can.

The Can Of Justice [philly.com]

The “Can Of Justice”, as I call it, is really where your fate in any Philadelphia courtroom truly begins.   Skeptics and snarckticks usually retort: “how did we get all these corrupt shitty judges?”   The reason is simple:  your position on the election ballot is ultimately determined by the ping pong balls that go into this can.   If you get listed near the first of the list of the names on the ballot, you are likely to win the Democratic primary because of demographics and voting behavior , by default, the general election.  Voters don’t have time to research the long list of primary judge runners or discern who the idiots are.

(via Philadelinquency)

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One Response to “The Can of Justice”

  1. Tom says:

    So Allegheny County can expect these 4 to be the frontrunners for judge:

    Rosemary Crawford – Highley Recommended
    Patrick Connelly – Recommended
    Marvin Leibowitz – Not Recommended at This Time
    Marc Daffner – Not Recommended at This Time

    2 out of 4 that are at least recommneded are better than elected judges that haven’t practiced law in years like Tom Flaherty, Don Walko, and Alan Hertzberg.