Why’s the Media Ignoring Bill Peduto’s Campaign Platform?

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One complaint you typically hear from political journalists during campaign season is that there’s not enough substance – too many negative personal attacks and not enough focus on the candidates’ competing political visions.

In the Pittsburgh Mayor race, it’s quite the opposite. Head over to the Bill Peduto blog and you’ll find 50 concrete policy ideas he’ll push in office. And it’s not typical campaign pablum like Strengthening Our Neighborhoods and other empty slogans. Each idea post comes with 3-5 paragraphs of meaty policy content.

Bill’s done much more than the typical candidate to flesh out the agenda he’d pursue in office. Jack Wagner’s website doesn’t contain a single position on a city issue. Not even a cheap slogan grasping at an issue position.

So what gives? Are politics reporters smirking at this stuff, smugly predicting that none of it will pass? Too lazy or uncomfortable writing about policy to attempt an analysis of any of the proposals? Too “balanced” to admit that one candidate’s got a detailed agenda and the other candidate’s got Jack Shit?

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9 Responses to Why’s the Media Ignoring Bill Peduto’s Campaign Platform?

  1. Bram R says:

    I just want to point out that it’s not just a matter of a website that’s not fully ready — he’s been going to candidate forums, giving interviews. And I’m still asking, “Where’s the beef?”

  2. Chris says:

    To answer your question: Bill Peduto is a whining, effete, loser. And that doesn’t make good television.
    On May 21st, Bitter Bill will come to a final, crushing defeat – and with him the lame “blogging” careers of Bram “I”m not being paid by Peduto” Reichbaum and this shill of a useless collection of boring rants.

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  5. Laura says:

    All of Jack’s references to any substantial policy ideas are from 10 to 20 years ago. He’s totally out of touch with Pittsburgh’s communities, and is only popular because he’s got a recognizable last name. Bill’s the only candidate who’s heart is actually in the race, he’s got Pittsburgh’s best interest at heart and isn’t just in the race for the pursuit of power.