Yes, Daylin Leach Running for Congress Is Good for PA Progressives

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My take on the last post is that yes, Daylin Leach running for the 13th District House seat is good for PA progressives.

Daylin is the rare breed of politician who is actually really funny, and that’s going to make him a very effective mouthpiece for the House Progressive Caucus. The House Progressives need someone like that. Aaron might have missed this, but Alan Grayson was defeated last cycle, and [T]he CPC is currently without a charismatic champion who can turn the base’s love and trust into crazy amounts of money. In important ways, Daylin is unlike Grayson. Grayson’s politics came in an acidic flavor, whereas Daylin delivers the red meat inside a sugary coating. If he becomes a national darling of progressives, that’ll be really great for the district because it’ll bring him opportunities that are typically out of reach for a freshman backbencher.

It’s true that we need someone like that in state government too, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary, especially if we win the 2014 Governor’s race. It isn’t like he’ll be able to refrain from commenting on state politics. And Daylin can help us keep building progressive power in SEPA by setting up one of his state Senate staffers to run for his old seat, and building a network of aspiring political candidates in the district from the state legislature down to city and county councils and school boards.

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5 Responses to Yes, Daylin Leach Running for Congress Is Good for PA Progressives

  1. Aaron says:

    I know Grayson was voted out of office after his first term, but he was voted back in last year and is a member of the current Congress (that history didn’t seem pertinent enough to include in the blog).

    Point well taken on Leach’s uniquely humorous approach to serious policy issues. If him winning that seat leads to more progressives with stances like his in elected state, county, and municipal offices, you’re not gonna find me complaining, and I will be glad to say you told me so! Ditto on his fund-raising potential for the CPC. Time will tell.

    Just to be clear, I don’t think it would definitely be bad for PA progressives, but I am leaning towards that opinion for the reasons given so I wanted to bring up the issue for debate. I didn’t make any case for the opposite leaning, so I really appreciate this response. I think this exchange bodes well for progressive media infrastructure in Pennsylvania.

    • Jon says:

      Oh man, I suck. Can’t believe he got voted back in and I didn’t know! I’m the worst, sorry Aaron.

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