Over 50% of Pennsylvanians Support Real Marriage Equality

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Straight from the new F&M poll today:



That means, generally speaking, Pennsylvanians “generally” support marriage equality, 54-41 (up two points from last month) — while Pennsylvanians specifically support a PA constitutional amendment to legalize marriage for same-sex couples, 53-43 (up 11 points from last year).

The interesting thing about this is that when the question gets more specific with regards to changing our constitution, a few marriage equality supporters waffle (~3%) — but the exciting thing about this is that, seemingly for the first time, Pennsylvanians are now in favor of amending our constitution to guarantee the rights of same-sex couples, by a 10-point margin.


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4 Responses to Over 50% of Pennsylvanians Support Real Marriage Equality

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  2. Kathleen3 says:

    When put to a vote the citizens in California learned the polls do not indicate the opinions of the majority. So, too, will be the result in PA.

    • Ryan says:

      A whole lot has changed since 2008 with regards to this issue. Support is on an amazing positive slope — you’d be fooling yourself to compare it with something from four and a half years ago.

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