We Need More Women PA Politics Bloggers

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Just as I was gearing up to write about how we need more women in the political blogging game, Sue Kerr puts up a post saying the Pittsburgh Women’s Blogging Society is closing up shop.

Sue thinks it’s ending on a high note, with more women blogging than when they started, and I hope that’s right. I’m always paranoid I’m not reading the right people, so maybe there are women blogging PA politics I don’t know about besides Sue, Maria Lupinacci, Jessie Ramey, Helen Gerhardt, Gillian Kratzer, and other journalists attached to specific publications.

If that’s the case, you should definitely alert me to them because my PA blogroll is seriously dominated by white dudes. And I am a guy who specifically tries not to read only white dudes.

There’s no silver bullet for increasing the very low number of women in PA politics, but I think increasing the number of women writing about politics would be one helpful corrective to the excessively masculine tone of civic discourse.

One thing I don’t like about Keystone Politics is that we’re all white guys. I would very much like for us to be a force for diversifying the perspectives that get heard on these issues. Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of time to devote to recruiting people to write, and the people who approach me about wanting to write are overwhelmingly drawn from the pool of obsessive white dudes who already dominate politics.

It’s a real bummer! If you are reading this as a woman who has thought about writing about state or local politics, you should get in touch with jon@keystonepolitics.com. I’m happy to provide a platform to emerging writers, and even happier to lift up underrepresented perspectives. I’m glad that this has become more of a group blog in recent months, and I hope we’ll keep growing and diversifying.

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