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Philadelphia is Due for a Dilworth Moment in 2015

(Here’s an inspiring excerpt from “Rally and Relapse 1946-1968,” the chapter by Joseph S. Clark and Dennis J. Clark in Philadelphia: A 300-Year History. Back in the late 40’s, it was the Republican machine monopolizing city electoral politics and running … More after the jump

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Curb Parking Spaces Are Expensive and Cities Should Charge Money for Them

Via Streetsblog San Francisco’s piece on Car2Go: While [car-share companies] ā€” which offer services that make it easier for residents to go without owning personal vehicles ā€” will pay up to $225 per month for reserved spots, private car owners … More after the jump

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Why Should We Consider the Philly Building Trades a Progressive Organization?

If I told you there was a political organization dominated by white suburban men who basically control the political system of a city they don’t even live in, for the purpose of extracting monopoly profits for themselves at a cost … More after the jump

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Part 2 of 2: My Interview with Sue Lyons, Author of the Anti-Fracking Resolution Adopted by the PA Democratic Party

Iā€™m still very excited to now present to Keystone Politics readers the second half of my interview with Sue Lyons, author of the resolution calling for a moratorium on fracking that was recently formally adopted as the official position of … More after the jump

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Progressive NYC Mayor Candidate Bill DeBlasio Makes the Case Against Land Rents

(He had me at “transfer of development rights”) Covering the NYC Mayor race is outside this blog’s scope, but as an all-purpose political junkie you know I am paying attention. I am very glad to see Bill DeBlasio making a … More after the jump

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PA House Republicans Have Gotten More Conservative. Democrats Haven’t Gotten More Liberal.

American Legislatures takes a look at polarization in state legislatures, and in PA their data says it is asymmetrical. Democrats in both chambers have a nice flat line, meaning they’re in their historical range. Senate Republicans are relatively flat too. … More after the jump

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Denial of Constituent Service

That’s how Republican House members plan to respond to requests for information about Obamacare. Rather than do their jobs and help their constituents understand how the law works, they’ll just point at HHS. This is just the latest example of … More after the jump

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Republican Congressmen Have Every Incentive to Oppose Whatever President Obama Supports

Members of Congress are increasingly drawn into safe uncompetitive districts. Those members face a much higher risk of losing their seats to a member of their own party in a primary than to a member of the opposite party in … More after the jump

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Elected Offices Are Political Offices

This is a debate I find endlessly stupid. If a position is an elected position, then it is a political position. To get the job, people need to build an electoral coalition, they need to raise money from donors, they … More after the jump

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Gifts for State Contracts: Time For Kathleen Kane to Probe Tom Corbett’s “Favor Mill”

Josh Israel and Cameron Davis look at all the presents Tom Corbett has accepted from people who went on to win state contracts. Does the Governor not get paid enough? How come he keeps topping up his income with all … More after the jump

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