Poll Comprehension FAIL From the Pennsylvania Business Council

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LOL at David Patti:

Here’s a nice twist on traditional loserspeak from a supporter of Republican Gov. Tom Corbett who seems to misapprehend how opinion polling actually works:

“Gov. Corbett is going to go on the road the next couple of months, and he’s good outside the Beltway,” said David Patti, president of the Pennsylvania Business Council. “People out there like him. They don’t read polls, and they don’t care. They don’t know that they’ve been told not to like him.”

And why the loserspeak? It’s not just those god-awful poll numbers. The legislative session just ended, and even though Corbett’s fellow Republicans control both chambers, they failed to enact any of his three major agenda items: privatization of liquor sales, pension reform, and increased infrastructure funding. It’s enough to make you wonder why this guy even wants another term in office.

Sorry David, we know how many “people out there” like Corbett for reelection. It’s 32%.

(via David Nir)

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