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The Transportation Debate Pennsylvania Should Be Having

The year 2005 looks like the inflection point for “peak car.” That’s when Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) peaked nationwide, and began declining thereafter. Pennsylvania was one of the top 10 states that saw the biggest decline in vehicle miles traveled: … More after the jump

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Shorter Charlie Dent: Yes Humans Are Making Climate Change Worse, No I Won’t Do Anything About It

The wingnuts who still deny the human contribution to climate change, or simply deny climate change is happening, have an out. If climate change isn’t happening or isn’t exacerbated by human industrial pollution, then we can’t very well do anything … More after the jump

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The Definitive Take on Tom Corbett’s Record on Public Education Funding

This article from Isaiah Thompson is the one you want to print out and stick on your refrigerator. Memorize these points for when Republican colleagues and friends try to tell you Tom Corbett increased education spending. Read the whole thing: … More after the jump

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Why Didn’t the Philadelphia Delegation Offer to Trade Alcohol Reform Votes for School Money?

Patrick Kerkstra makes an excellent point that I’ve been banging on all year: “The importance of Philadelphia being united in its ask of Harrisburg in this day and age is crucial for any legislative success,” said State Rep. Cherelle Parker, … More after the jump

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New PA Budget: Robbing From the Poor to Give to the Rich, the Reverse Robin Hood Republicans

The new 2013-2014 state budget was signed into law by Republican Governor Tom Corbett on June 30. I’ve said before that budget choices are moral choices, and now, using analysis from the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, I’m going to … More after the jump

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Charge for Parking Whenever It’s Busy: Easton Centre Square Edition

Rich Wilkins doesn’t agree with my call for turning the parking spaces in Easton’s Centre Square into pedestrian plazas. The crux of his argument is that the real peak times aren’t during the Easton Farmer’s Market (where it gets very … More after the jump

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Tom Corbett’s Approval Rating Trends

Melissa Daniels graphed how Tom Corbett’s approval ratings have been changing. What we see is that Good Job has been trending down, and crossed paths with Poor Job sometime around summer 2012 and never looked back. Only about 7% Don’t … More after the jump

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Corbett Administration: No Medicaid Expansion Until 2015, If Ever

Here is yet another reason we need to beat Corbett in 2014: Mackereth said there is “no deadline” for hammering out a deal on a possible Medicaid expansion. She sticks to a timetable she mentioned in May – that the … More after the jump

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Why Corbett is So Unpopular

Voters in today’s F&M poll rated education as their most important issue, and the Corbett record there is a drop in the state’s share of funding from 44% to just 32%. That left the rest of the funding – much … More after the jump

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F&M: Lowest-Ever Approval Rating for One-Term Tom Corbett

The Corbett hacks always want to say that other Governors have made big comebacks, so why not Tom Corbett? And maybe they’re right. Maybe the voters will surprise us next year. But just note that the voters were already starting … More after the jump

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