Moody’s Says the Philly School Funding Crisis is Tom Corbett’s Fault

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Joseph DiStefano has the very candid comments from Michael D’Arcy at Moody’s:

He blamed Pennsylvania’s elimination of subsidies to districts that lost students to charter schools, and school funding cuts (by Gov. Corbett and the General Assembly), for the schools’ “financial turmoil.”

Mayor Nutter’s loan offer “is unprecedented,” D’Arcy added.

“Typically, more senior levels of government, such as the state, assume such a role,” D’Arcy added.


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4 Responses to Moody’s Says the Philly School Funding Crisis is Tom Corbett’s Fault

  1. Dan says:

    The mismanagement of the PSD is their own fault. Hiring people like former Superintendent Ackerman and then firing her with a $1 million golden parachute for failing our children is the democratic voters in Philadelphia’s fault. They voted in John Street and Mayor Nutter who both have taxed the citizens crazily and destroyed the school system. Administrators retire and collect the DROP program then are hired by their union officials as high level administrators, collecting a paycheck twice on the Philadelphian’s taxpayer dime. None of this is Corbett’s fault. Corbett is right for not throwing money down a drain of corruption that will untimately lead to nothing but charter schools in Philadelphia. I guess Philadelphia’s $9 billion unfunded pension liability is Corbett’s fault too? Ridiculous. If the Philadelphia voters want better schools, stop voting in awful democratic mayors. These are all self-inflicted wounds and have nothing to do with our Gov Corbett, who is doing a great job.

  2. Brian says:

    I can’t wait to see Corbett get voted out of office next year. He’s an embarrassment to PA and the human race as a whole.