Protesters Rage Against Marriage Licenses Given to LGBT Couples in Montgomery County

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Last week, Montgomery County Pro-Life Coalition President Michael McMonagle rallied his anti-equal rights troops outside the Montgomery County Courthouse to protest the county’s register of wills recently giving out the first marriage licenses to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples in Pennyslvania history, a story I blogged about.

Jenny DeHuff of Montgomery Media quoted him saying, “It’s not about love. It’s about children. … Heterosexuality is essential to the meaning of marriage. Civil government has an interest in producing future children.”


Yes, LGBT couples can’t have their own biological children of both parents, but marriage equality laws have nothing to do with it. It’s not like banning marriage equality turns LGBT people straight and makes them have children in straight couples. And it’s not like allowing LGBT people to get married somehow stops heterosexual people from having their own kids. Nothing regarding the production of future children is harmed or even really impacted by granting LGBT people the same marriage rights given to straight people. And if you were hoping he’d get less moronic as he went along, I think you’re going to be disappointed.

The Montgomery Media piece continues, “Homosexual marriages are ‘inherently unequal because [they] cannot produce children,’ [McMonagle] said.”


So now any couple that can’t have children shouldn’t be allowed to be married? How about you Mike? You’re not exactly looking like a spring chicken, and assuming your wife is about your age, I’m gonna go out on a limb and speculate that you can’t have children. So putting your prejudice against LGBT people aside, if you think an inability to produce children makes a couple’s relationship so inferior to others that they should be banned from getting married, can you even justify your own marriage?

*This is a transcript of a video from the only grassroots progressive newscast exclusively about Pennsylvania politics, Counterpoint PA. You can watch the video for this segment here.*

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