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Charlie Dent Voted for the Shutdown Bill That Started It All

Here’s Jed Lewison with a reality check of what Charlie Dent’s position actually is. Dent continues to say he’s for defunding Obamacare, he just doesn’t think that Republicans will benefit politically now if the shutdown happens. But don’t forget that … More after the jump

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SEPTA Can’t Wait for 2015. Pass Original SB1 Now.

Michael Noda reminds us that SB1 falls well short of what SEPTA needs over the next decade, but that even this can’t wait until 2015. I’m posting this in full because of the urgency: OK, this post is now 48 … More after the jump

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HHS Approval of Arkansas “Private Option” Plan Doesn’t Clear the Way for CorbettCare

Richard Mayhew agrees the “private option” Medicaid plan is extra expensive for no good reason, but he believes the political economy is perhaps more stable because the pointless middlemen will fight for their jobs, and thus protect the coverage expansion. … More after the jump

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Sorry, Signing Transportation Funding Is Not Going to Carry Tom Corbett to Reelection

The Fix: 1. Pennsylvania (R): State Treasurer Rob McCord (D) officially jumped into the race this week, which could complicate the life of Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D). Still, Gov. Tom Corbett (R) remains the most vulnerable governor in the country … More after the jump

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Rents vs. Wages

The less a small business owner has to pay a landlord each month, the more money is left over for other stuff. I’m not arguing that what’s left over necessarily goes to wages. Maybe it does, or maybe it goes … More after the jump

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Pay for Education From the State Level With a Statewide Land Tax

Logan Boettcher makes the case in the comments: Great post Jon. You ask, “Is it worth giving a windfall to land speculators in order to get more equitable funding for education?” I would answer that by saying to create a … More after the jump

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Resist the Opportunity for Political Gamesmanship and Pass the Transportation Funding Bill

(This guest op-ed comes to us from Helen Gerhardt, in her capacity as concerned Pennsylvania citizen Helen Gerhardt, not as the Community Organizer for Pittsburghers for Public Transit. It does not reflect the official positions of that organization.) We public transit funding … More after the jump

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Earth to Corbett: Natural Gas Employment Only 0.5% of the PA Workforce

The big picture problem with the Tom Corbett economic agenda is that kissing business dudes’ butts and throwing piles of taxpayer money at campaign donors and personal benefactors extractive industries is a false economic growth doctrine.  The proof is in the … More after the jump

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Replay: Property Tax Swap Creates a Dilemma for Liberals

(I’ve always been a fan of the property tax swap push in theory, because I really don’t like hyperlocal control of schools,  and do think it’ll be easier to get higher and more equal school funding if we get away … More after the jump

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#PA15: Charlie Dent to Party with Bono at Anti-Poverty Concert Days After Voting for $40 Billion in Food Stamp Cuts

Southeast PA moderate Republicans Mike Fitzpatrick and Pat Meehan found it in their hearts not to join the nasty wing of the Republican Party in slashing almost $40 billion from the food stamp program SNAP, but 15th District Congressman Charlie … More after the jump

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