Draft Brian Sims for Philadelphia Mayor in 2015

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Brian Sims is the only politician in Philadelphia I actually really like. There are a few city and state Democratic politicians who are passable – Mark Squilla, María Quiñones-Sánchez, Larry Farnese, Darrell Clarke, Michael Nutter (mostly for the streets department, planning commission, and first-term patronage busting) – but there are zero Mayoral mentionees who are interesting or creative policy thinkers worthy of anyone’s support. By contrast, Brian Sims would be a very exciting candidate.  You know already that his campaign office would be packed with volunteers from near and far.

I recognize Rep. Sims is focused on leading the fight for a marriage equality bill and an anti-discrimination bill at the state level, and I respect that a great deal, but what I would respect even more is if he looked out over the wreckage of the 2015 Mayoral field, shuddered at how fucking bleak it is, and jumped in to save his city from whichever Old Philadelphia candidate the Brady Bunch ends up running.

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