#PAGov: Rob McCord Calls Out the Republican Party’s Horrible Job Creation Record, Republicans Freak Out

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Another reason it might be good to have a successful businessman as our Democratic nominee. Rob McCord has personally created jobs. Tom Corbett’s job growth record is pathetic. It’s a nice contrast:

“We reminded people that smart Democrats do a heck of a lot better job of running the economy and helping run the economy, not that all Republicans aren’t the smartest, but did a much better job than the dumb Republicans who try to govern by talking points, never created a job in their lives, don’t know how markets work, don’t know how pensions work, never touched anything more than crony capitalism […]

Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Robert Gleason responded with a long quote that ended by describing Democrats claiming fiscal high ground as “delusional.”

“Rob McCord has proved he is just not ready for primetime. He took a huge stumble out of the gate by calling Republicans names at his first campaign stop and insulting millions who have registered with the Party that believes more freedom, smaller government and personal responsibility is the best way forward for our Commonwealth.”

Note that Rob Gleason cannot actually defend his party’s record on job growth. The facts are clear. As soon as Tom Corbett and the Republicans’ economic policies hit the bloodstream, private sector job growth stalled out for the remainder of his term. The last Republican administration of George W. Bush had the worst job growth record ever recorded.

Tom Corbett sure kisses a lot of business dudes’ butts, but his job creation record sucks. Rob McCord understands how to make markets work for people, and understands what policy changes new start-ups actually want in this state because he’s worked with them. Rob Gleason can cry all he wants about it, but the policies Republicans wish created jobs actually have a horrible track record. They have no record to point to on the key issue facing voters next November.

(via Scott Kraus)

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