Swing And A Miss For The Corbett Campaign

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I like to be up on the latest political…well everything…and I have some specific Google Alerts set up to that end.  Right now I’ve got separate alerts for all the PA Democratic gubernatorial candidates and today an article about Allyson Schwartz, specifically Tom Corbett’s latest attack on her, really caught my eye.

Before I begin, it should be said that I’m still feeling pretty hesitant about Allyson Schwartz.  Her record on the Patriot Act and the recent failed attempt to defund the NSA’s domestic metadata collection via the Amash Amendment are everything that I dislike about Bush-era neo-conservatives.  This isn’t to say that there’s not a lot to like about her.  There are many things to like about her, but the field is still pretty broad and we haven’t reached a point when I’m required to weigh the importance of my various policy positions.

The race is getting more serious though, and the Corbett camp has decided to take some test punches at Allyson Schwartz who, realistically, is looking like the strongest candidate.  To this end, the campaign put out a press release that hit two points that are immediately tired, desperate, and stupid.

1. Allyson Schwartz is a “tax and spend” liberal.

Yeah.  She wants to tax the gas industry and then…and here’s a shocker…the state would spend the money it receives in taxes.  I know, it’s a novel idea for Republicans who’d prefer to just spend money without taxing anybody – you know, except poor people.  I am beyond tired of hearing Republicans insult Democrats (because let’s not raise it to the level of actual criticism, it’s not) by calling them “tax and spend Democrats.”  The whole reason that a government levies taxes is so that they have money to spend.  What was one of the biggest reasons the Articles of Confederation failed?  The federal government had no power to tax.  Without taxes government couldn’t function, let’s stop knocking them.  It’s old, it’s tired, and it’s not substantive.  In this case particularly, we’re not even talking about a proposed tax on the people at large, we’re talking about taxing the gas industry which brings us to the second point…

2. If Allyson Schwartz taxes the gas industry Pennsylvanians will lose good jobs because the gas industry will leave us!

Are you kidding me?  Where are they going to go?  Are they going to pick up their gas and leave?  Oh wait, they can’t because it’s a natural resource.  Unless they can pick up the land and move it somewhere else they aren’t taking their jobs anywhere.  There’s debate about the number of actual jobs the gas industry is creating and maintaining in Pennsylvania, but refusing to regulate them or make any demands on them isn’t helping anyone but Gov. Corbett’s campaign fund.

You’d think that as interested as Republicans tend to be in legislating sexual morality that they’d know the age-old cautionary tale of the man who won’t buy the cow if he gets the milk for free.  Well guess what?  Pennsylvania is giving the natural gas industry all our milk for free and they aren’t going to just offer to put a ring on it out of the goodness of their hearts.  And see, in this situation, it actually matters.

Governor Corbett had better up his game as the election gets into full swing because these attacks are some weak sauce and they’re only going to give him ground with people who are already on his side, and the number of people on his side are dwindling.  Nevertheless, let’s not take anything for granted, but work harder than ever to make sure that in 2014 Governor Corbett becomes One Term Tom.

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2 Responses to Swing And A Miss For The Corbett Campaign

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  2. Matt Thomas says:

    “Nevertheless, let’s not take anything for granted…”
    Happy to see you end with that cautionary note since it is still more than one year until 11-04-13.
    The national GOP is surely going bat shit over Corbett and will likely be sending in some competent handlers to improve the Governor’s personal comportment as well his campaign strategy, assuming that Corbett himself will cooperate.
    At least history is on the Governor’s side.
    Going back some 150 years, only six percent (one out of 17) of Pennsylvanian’s Democratic gubernatorial candidates running while their own Party controlled the White House have actually been elected.
    There may be a further problem.
    Following his extraordinarily inept handling of both friends and foes in the Congress and Senate as well as his embarrassing fumbling performance throughout this current Syrian imbroglio, one can only hope that Barrack Obama (as well as his equally confused staff) will together take a crash course in learning the ropes by next November.