Can’t Turn It Off: Lehigh County Exec Frontrunner Scott Ott Lets His Wingnut Flag Fly at NAACP Debate

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Lehigh County Executive is the most important 2013 municipal race for PA Democrats. Lehigh County encompasses Allentown. Allentown is PA’s third largest city. And a professional Tea Party comedian, Scott Ott, is about to win the County Executive race there. Not only that, but he will have a voting majority of the worst tea people ever on County Commission. This would be very very bad. People from Southeast PA who are able need to go up to Allentown on November 5 to do GOTV for Tom Muller’s campaign.

Bernie O’Hare went to their debate in front of the local NAACP last night, and hoo boy! did Scott Ott let loose with some zingers:

I missed Ott’s initial remarks, but several audience members made sure that I heard about it. Ott reportedly told this crowd of Allentonians, in Allentown, that the only time he gets to see one of them is when they’re coming up through the court system

What I did hear him say, at one point, is that he’s been advised that Latinos all quit school at age 15 to look for jobs. … And that it makes no sense to teach prison inmates how to cook or perform low-paying jobs because they make too much money selling drugs. … And that Republicans had advised him not to come to Allentown. … And that Obamacare is no good […]

Ott was also asked to explain abstaining from voting for a Meals on Wheels grant for needy Lehigh County seniors. At the time he abstained, he said that Lehigh Commissioners are “the last line of defense for the taxpayer.” He complained that the “Chinese communist government is fronting us money to feed 85 year old women in Lehigh County.” So it’s up to patriots like him to “exercise some restraint that the federal government seems incapable of exercising.”

When I questioned Ott about his remarks, he never responded to me. But he had no choice last night. He explained that he has “concerns that we couldn’t feed seniors in our own community” and doesn’t want to be dependent on the federal government because that well may some day go dry.

The context there is that Ott and the tea people have been trying to reject pass-through money and grants from the state and federal government, because derp.

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5 Responses to Can’t Turn It Off: Lehigh County Exec Frontrunner Scott Ott Lets His Wingnut Flag Fly at NAACP Debate

  1. SEPADem says:

    Does Muller have a website. Even if one wanted to get involved, how would they go about doing it?

    For the record, I know they will need phones and doors for GOTV. But how would one get in touch with the campaign?

  2. Julieann Wozniak says:

    Ten years of end of life care, top of the line, burned through 470K of their, and my, life savings and left me seriously in debt. Whose evil conspiratorial plot was that?

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