Does Allyson Schwartz Agree With Frank Dermody’s Call for “Real” Medicaid Expansion?

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As a follow-up to Frank Dermody’s guest op-ed, I want to remind Governor race watchers that we actually have yet to hear any negative comments from the Allyson Schwartz campaign on Tom Corbett’s “private option” Medicaid expansion scheme – a griftbag of extra money for insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors.

It’s not surprising that Tom Corbett and his donors think slathering on an extra layer of rent-seeking for health care providers is a good idea, but real progressive Democrats like Frank Dermody understand that this will mean less money in the pool to pay for care, and worse coverage for beneficiaries. The whole reason Tom Corbett’s plan needs to cut benefits and make poor people pay premiums is to finance this pointless hand-out to insurance companies and providers. If we do the “real” Medicaid expansion, we’ll get the same benefits for lower cost.

Allyson Schwartz’s campaign has been giving us the run-around on when they’ll return our issue questionnaire, despite Marc Stier’s repeated assurances that we’d have it soon, and I have to think we probably just aren’t getting it at this point. But if they do ever manage to get it to us, I’d love to know whether Allyson Schwartz agrees with Frank Dermody’s correct position that the CorbettCare “private option” is a pointless waste of money. Maybe some other reporters will have an easier time getting them on the record about this.

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3 Responses to Does Allyson Schwartz Agree With Frank Dermody’s Call for “Real” Medicaid Expansion?

  1. Sean Kitchen says:

    Yeah, just google “Marc Steir” and “Single Payer” or “health care reform.” You’ll get lots of un-progressive arguments on his stances of the health care reform debate.

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