Put Up or Shut Up Time in #PA8: Shaughnessy Naughton Calls on Mike Fitzpatrick to Sign Discharge Petition

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Nick Field says Shaughnessy Naughton is holding Mike Fitzpatrick’s feet to the fire on his claim that he’d vote for a clean budget resolution. He can vote for that today by signing the Democrats’ discharge petition to force a vote on this. Unfortunately it looks like Fitzpatrick is all talk just like Charlie Dent and Pat Meehan, who also never seem to deliver when it counts.

Democratic candidate Shaughnessy Naughton is calling out Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick for his actions during the current government shutdown. Naughton, a chemist and publisher who is seeking the Democratic nomination in PA-8, is challenging the congressman to sign a discharge petition to end the shutdown.

A discharge petition is a legislative maneuver that is used in the House wherein a majority of the body signs a petition to bring a bill to the floor. If that petition receives the signatures of a majority of the House it will be released to the floor regardless of whether the Speaker wants it to or not. Democrats have started just such a petition to challenge Republicans, like Fitzpatrick, who have indicated that they want the shutdown to end.

“I am asking Congressman Fitzpatrick to be a leader in his party and do what’s right,” said Naughton. “Children need access to nutrition programs. Federal employees need to be paid. We need meteorologists to predict dangerous weather patterns. Please, Congressman Fitzpatrick – don’t tank our economy and hurt your constituents.”

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2 Responses to Put Up or Shut Up Time in #PA8: Shaughnessy Naughton Calls on Mike Fitzpatrick to Sign Discharge Petition

  1. clutch cargo says:

    typical Democrat hysteria from Ms. Naughton

    ‘children will die.. schools will close … the world will end’ if Democrats don’t get our way.

    Never mind that Republicans are only asking for two small adjustments to his massive Obamacare boondoggle …. to go along with the 18-plus ‘adjustments Obama himself made without congressional input.

    Sheep … meet kneepad.

  2. And where is that empty suit the DCCC is backing?