Go Away T.J. Rooney

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Go away:

As a political figure, it was easy for me to recognize the way lawmakers let avoidable distractions get in the way of the country’s real problems during the fiscal crisis last month. We experienced a crippling government shutdown and only narrowly averted a potentially devastating federal default. This partisanship is no way to govern, as it diverts attention from the country’s most pressing economic problem — our soaring national debt […]

The state and the nation require leadership — leadership that is willing to listen to the ideas of others and engage in honest, bipartisan discussions with all members of Congress. So you can imagine my optimism when I learned that Sen. Pat Toomey had been named a budget conferee. Sen. Toomey’s track record on fiscal responsibility is well documented, and I’m confident he has the ability to help guide these discussions in a productive and helpful direction.

The nation’s most pressing economic problem is obviously jobs, and Rooney can’t actually point to a single current economic problem that the debt is causing. But even if the debt is your thing, Pat Toomey is not your guy. Pat Toomey is a guy who talks about debt a lot, but when it comes time to vote, it’s budget busting regressive tax cuts all the way down. He proposes tax cuts as deficit reduction all the time.

You know who else has never met a tax cut he wanted to pay for? Congressman Charlie Dent. Dent has twice voted for Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity budget framework – a program of brutal cuts to our social insurance programs that still manages to be the single most fiscally irresponsible budget plan in Washington due to its monster tax cuts.

But former PA Democratic Party leader TJ Rooney just threw a fundraiser for Charlie Dent, singing his praises while ignoring the man’s actual record on the “most pressing economic problem” Rooney professes to care about.

Thanks for your service TJ, now go back in your troll hole and pipe the fuck down until you understand how subtraction works.

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5 Responses to Go Away T.J. Rooney

  1. How did Rooney ever get to run the PA Democratic Party? Is he an Ed Rendell flunkie? Nice to see we had a GOP moll running the party not so long ago.

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  3. John Harvey says:

    Rooney was a total disaster as head of the Pennsylvania Democratic party. No one should listen to him about anything.