Next Week in Fundraisers: Congressional Clusterbucks for Corbett and Cutting Cross Checks for Mike Kelly

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All thirteen of Pennsylvania’s Republican congressmen plus Senator Pat Toomey are headlining a D.C. fundraiser on Monday for embattled Governor Tom Corbett. Also headlining the event is former-Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. If you still think Jim Gerlach or Mike Kelly might primary challenge Corbett, think again. They’re helping him raise money.

 Corbett cong fundraiser

If you had read about Senator Bob Casey’s fundraiser at the Penguins-Capitals game in last week’s fundraiser roundup but would prefer to watch the game with Congressman Mike “Cross Check” Kelly (R-PA3), then you’re in luck. Turns out that Rep. Kelly will be at the same game with his own crew of hockey hooligans. Have to say though, Kelly’s invite looks way cooler than Casey’s. Come on Bob, you’re letting Mike Kelly’s party seem cooler than yours.

 Kelly hockey

As always, send Keystone Politics your fundraising invitations so we can include them in the round-up. You can submit them to and I will protect the identity of the invitees who forward them to me.

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5 Responses to Next Week in Fundraisers: Congressional Clusterbucks for Corbett and Cutting Cross Checks for Mike Kelly

  1. Bob Asher? Isn’t he a convicted criminal? Fred Malek? Classic stuff!!

    • Oh thanks for that heads up, I didn’t even make the Fred Malek connection to SEC civil fraud suit thing.

      And eh… Bob Asher and unwanted recollections of Bud Dwyer, of continuing true gore internet fame. *shudder*

      Quite the crowd here.
      I’m certainly of the mind of “paid the fines, did the time”, and that sort of thing.
      But in cases such as government corruption, you really would think it would be permanent political suicide for these people. Not do the time, pay the fines, and go back to government.