#SD18: Should John Callahan Primary Lisa Boscola for State Senate?

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Primarying conservadem Lisa Boscola or having another go at Charlie Dent in the 15th District in 2014 seem like the 2 best options available to John Callahan after the County Exec loss. And if he is really intent on staying in politics, one of those options has a much lower difficulty setting than the other.

On the one hand, Callahan and Boscola are supposed to have a good public working relationship. On the other hand, I hear the conservative Donchez/Boscola/Morganelli faction of Bethlehem Democrats actually cheered every time Callahan’s losing spread came up on the screen at the Bob Donchez victory party last night, so you know, fuck it.

Boscola sucks, and Callahan is probably the only person in that district able to raise more money than her. He could just take a couple weeks off and then basically continue his County Exec campaign, with the $100K+ still left in his campaign bank account.


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2 Responses to #SD18: Should John Callahan Primary Lisa Boscola for State Senate?

  1. Ryan says:

    Discussing: Should he? Yes. Will he? No.

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