If Your Downtown Has Cool Stuff, People Will Pay for Parking

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A great point from Aaron Renn. When I read the political news from around our Commonwealth, I see so many older cities and borough council people hand-wringing about this. What if people just stop coming to our downtown because we raised the parking meter rates 50 cents?

Lots of people say they’ll stop coming, but they’re lying. If you have some good attractions, people will pay. They won’t pay for boring junk, but if you’ve got a couple blocks’ worth of cool stuff to do, you don’t have to worry about charging $1 an hour for curb parking. The weirdos who’d actually boycott something they’d enjoy out of spite over an extra dollar are not your core constituency:

I’ve long argued that complaining about “there’s no parking” or having to “pay for parking” is just a convenient scapegoat excuse people give when the product on offer isn’t a compelling enough buy. If your downtown doesn’t offer enough value vs. a suburban office park location, naturally employees having to pay to park sounds like a huge imposition. If an attraction is lame, then of course people don’t want to pay to park there.

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