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I can’t go this year, which I’m not really sweating too much, but they should really start holding it in Philadelphia, or at least alternate between Philly and Pittsburgh. Everybody always says “well then you’d have all the other PA cities competing for it” to which I say it would be physically impossible to hold it anywhere but Philly or Pittsburgh because all the other cities have crap public transportation systems for hauling drunk politicians around. It just wouldn’t work in a place where you can’t walk from destination to destination or take a short train or bus trip. You can do that in Philly, in Pittsburgh I think you’d be pushing it, but nowhere else in the state can actually accommodate this event. Sorry Allentown and Bethlehem and Harrisburg.

Maybe in the future we could think about organizing it like a drunk politician Olympics where the host city gets all kinds of public infrastructure and transportation upgrades to be able to withstand the event. You get some money to host PA Society if you agree to make pro-mixed use and transit-supporting zoning changes to your city’s downtown.

The other reason it needs to be in Philly or Pittsburgh is that the other big statewide political event is a farm show, where politicians are made to look at how important Central PA’s contribution to the state economy allegedly is and pander to their voters. We need the major political event in cities to be in one of the big PA cities, where politicians will be forced to see how fun the urban hellholes can be and then they’ll want to give us some more money so they’re even better for next year’s event. Maybe SEPTA would get some money to run the subways past midnight if state politicians knew night owl service wasn’t a thing.

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