Government Should Promote, Not Discourage, Renting Stuff to Each Other

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Lots of liberals slagged Tom Friedman’s column on the “sharing economy” because they don’t like Tom Friedman, but this is an area that lefties need to get behind in a big way at state and local level.

There’s a strain of economic criticism on the left that says American consumerism is out of hand, and thinks the last couple decades of growth have promoted the accumulation of too much cheap crap, and cheap credit to buy cheap crap with.

The logical next step in this chain of thought is to observe that, if Americans have too much crap, then we should start making it easier for them to rent it to each other rather than buy more stuff they’ll barely use, only to have it sit around the house most of the time. That includes cars, tools, consumer electronics, and other infrequently used assets.

Here’s what cities can start doing today to facilitate this.

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3 Responses to Government Should Promote, Not Discourage, Renting Stuff to Each Other

  1. Gdub says:

    When did disliking Tom Friedman become a “liberal” thing. I don’t think anyone really likes him.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      I notice it more on the left. Think it really ramped up after the “suck on this” moment in the Iraq war debate. It’s more a tribal thing really. He’s an annoying writer and personality, but not usually actually wrong, at least on economic issues.

  2. Gdub says:

    He was a brilliant Middle East reporter in the 1980s. Far less compelling as a “worldwide” columnist. I think he annoys everyone pretty well, in part because of his continual insinuation that the Chinese authoritarian model is great because it “gets things done.”