John Yudichak Doesn’t Want a Climate Denial “Litmus Test” for DEP Nominees. So Why Even Vote?

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There’s a reason that nominees get confirmation votes, Senator Yudichak. The state Senate is supposed to vet the administration’s nominees, and prevent people with excessively radical positions from taking office. It is the opposition’s role to communicate displeasure with radical nominees, if they don’t have the votes to block them outright.

If Senators Yudichak and Teplitz do not believe that climate change denial is a sufficiently radical position to earn Chris Abruzzo a No vote, or that believing in climate change is not a “minimal qualification” for the job of DEP head, then they are registered with the wrong political party:

“If we were going to select a secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection to my liking, we’re going to have to elect a Democrat governor,” Yudichak continued. “But I don’t want this to be like Washington where we would apply an ideological litmus test on every issue to every position in state government.”

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