#PA5: Democrat Thomas Tarantella Will Challenge Glenn Thompson

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(This tarantula is not running for Congress)

Veterans always make good candidates, and Thomas Tarantella’s messaging on the Republican shutdown is hitting the right notes, but as Brittany Foster points out, the PVI on this district is R+8 so the chances of flipping the seat are low even if somebody like Jay Paterno gets in:

Prospective challenger Tarantella is a 22 year active duty Army veteran and former Norfolk Southern, Bureau of Forestry and PennDOT employee. He’s also a lifelong resident of the 5th district.

Tarantella decided to enter the race after watching fellow veterans denied access to the World War II Memorial during the government shutdown. He has said that his priorities in office would be financial and medical benefits to active duty military and veterans. He would also focus on fixing Social Security and bringing manufacturers back to the United States.

Tarantella may not be alone in the Democratic primary to face Thompson; for some time there has been speculation that infamous football coach Joe Paterno’s Democratic son Jay Paterno would enter the race in the 5th district. Paterno has not confirmed these rumors, but has expressed interest in running for office at some point.

Once again I want to encourage you all to send all your political donations this cycle to the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee and the Governor candidates, rather than Congressional races. We actually have a chance of taking the state Senate and Governor seats, and have almost no shot at flipping any of the US House seats.

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