#PAGov: Did Allyson Schwartz Vote for Social Security Cuts?

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Back in 2012 during Grand Bargain mania, a lot of alternative budgets were floating around. If you read this blog you probably know about the Simpson-Bowles budget, and so there were some budgets to the left of that like the Progressive Caucus budget, and budgets to the right like the nutty Republican Study Committee budget and the more mainstream conservative Cooper-LaTourette budget.

The Cooper-LaTourette budget had the backing of an array of Pete Peterson-funded astroturf groups like the Concord Coalition and Fix the Debt, while the center-left Center on Budget on Policy Priorities panned it as “significantly to the right of Simpson-Bowles” – a framework that progressive lawmakers and activists have broadly rejected for cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits.

The AFL-CIO said of Cooper-LaTourette in an action alert:

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 9.43.30 AM

Yesterday I defended Allyson Schwartz’s voting record on Social Security, but it turns out I was wrong as she was one of just 22 House Democrats to vote for Cooper-LaTourette.

I reached out to the Schwartz campaign for comment on the vote, but seeing as Allyson Schwartz advertised the Concord Coalition’s praise for her vote on her House page, I’m guessing she’d stand by it.

The Concord Coalition doesn’t think that Senator Mark Begich’s Preserve and Protect Social Security Act is a politically acceptable way to reform Social Security, because it lifts the cap on taxable earnings. Senator Begich’s plan reduces the deficit, increases benefits, and repairs Social Security’s fund balance for 75 years by raising the taxable earnings cap, and indexing benefits to CPI-E – an inflation index that is more sensitive to the prices of things seniors buy. The Concord Coalition only favors one kind of deficit reduction – cutting Social Security and public insurance benefits.

That’s three organizations now – Third Way, New Democrats, and Concord Coalition – that Allyson Schwartz is aligned with whose modi operandi is selling out progressives by cutting bad deals with Republicans on Social Security, public insurance benefits, and regulatory policy.

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13 Responses to #PAGov: Did Allyson Schwartz Vote for Social Security Cuts?

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  2. Bram R says:

    Let me get this straight… she’s an economic “centrist” or non-progressive potential nominee, but Dems probably wouldn’t even get to enjoy an “electability” dividend across the state because of her personal background with Planned Parenthood.

    I notice she is the only amongst our potential nominees who was a Congressperson. That’s really all it is, huh — that’s how she acquired the gloss of a polished front-runner. More immediate access to operatives and funding, plus the experience of a few more campaigns. But in the bargain, we’d be getting… well, a Congressperson. From DC. The one and only. If that is the case, we need to really examine if any of the potential progressive candidates have “The Chops”. If they’re all underwhelming political animals we may have to accept Schwartz, but if any of them can muster a semblance empathy + showmanship + inspiration they’d probably make a wiser choice.

    I’m not particularly looking forward to backing Hanger or McGinty and having all the party operatives “Sestak-Toomey” me to death, but I feel like I can argue that was a wave year for R’s, and four-years-in Corbett is no fresh-choice Toomey besides.

    • Jon Geeting says:

      I’ve been leaning McCord ever since I read Patrick Kerkstra’s profile of him last December. Everybody slept on this for some reason but it made McCord seem like a Peduto-like figure.

      By that I mean a wonky candidate without the snobbishness factor that usually sets off alarms with working class voters. McCord gets economics and wants to use markets to serve lower and middle class interests.


      McGinty is also great tho. Thought she had the best urban policy and transportation answers to our Questionnaire. It just makes me a bit nervous that she’s a first-time candidate in such a big race, but she’s done well so far at being a candidate and her campaign team is impressive.

      • Sean Kitchen says:

        I’ve had a chance to see McCord at a couple of lobbyist luncheons last year, and he’s an extremely smart person. The only problem with him is that he needs to learn how to keep complicated issues stupid so common people can understand what he’s talking about. I think that can be his only downfall in 2014.

      • Bram R says:

        Jon, I recall Peduto throwing a couple “McCord for Treasurer” events back before I knew who he was. I guess I still really don’t, lol. Ears are open.

  3. Sure, Hanger has the “chops.” From what I’ve seen of his strong stands on cutting edge issues (closing cyber charter schools, supporting marijuana reform and single-payer health care…), his two tours of duty in H’burg, and his personal commitment (he has been running in this race for a year now), he would be the best to handle the likes of the current state legislators. And he’s not a “political animal,” not at all (“Policy First, Politics Second”).

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